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Use These Student-Friendly Activities to Improve Pre-Writing and Writing Skills

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Teachers and guardians can help to improve the pre-writing and writing skills of the students under their care through any number of creative and tactile activities. These activities should be designed to help students practice and enhance their motor skills, giving them experience to later apply these skills in their writing.

Pre-writing Skills:

Pre-writing activities help to improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, and also help students gather the physical experience needed to transition into writing. Activities that include cutting and shredding paper, as well as drawing straight, curved and zigzag lines will help students in the development of these skills.

One idea is a themed paper decoration activity. Give students a background image that has a clear theme, perhaps one of the four seasons. Ask the students to cut out shapes of decorations that complement the image, and encourage them to cut out a variety of different shapes. To mix things up, give the students a prepared set of decoration cut-out sheets that have a range of shapes that the students can cut out via dot-to-dot or along set lines.

Writing Skills:

Letter recognition and formation can be easily made into an entertaining game or activity. Students can be tasked in identifying and re-creating letters out of various materials, such as Lego and Playdough. They can also practice letter formation by drawing letters in sand, allowing them to easily rewrite any mistake.

One activity where students can practice proper tripod pencil grip and also pencil grasp, is in the creation of posters. Get students to make posters on a topic they are familiar with, such as the members of their family. Give students a selection of different pens, such as felt tips, markers and crayons, and encourage them to use at least 3 varieties in their poster.

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