I have 20 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist. I became a therapist as I thought it is a career which will satisfy my personal believes. And I really found it suitable for my personality, as I have a personal trends and skills which really gets a long with being a therapist like being happy to help others and the ambition to do something positive as a human being. One of my most challenging cases was a boy who suffered of reading difficulty who was not progressing at all with all ways I tried. The only thing which made the spark of having him progressing was a rewarding system which has been agreed between me and his mother.

My interest area is mostly in helping children who show some learning difficulties with all kind of problems related to Reading, Writing or even Behavioral issues.

It’s been 15 years since I started my career and I feel I made the right choice to be an Occupational Therapist. 

Talking about one of my students, Ali who was 7 years old child with ASD since he was 3 years. It was a call from a friend asking for a help regarding Ali as I'm a SIPT certified, a home visit was planned, parents were interviewed and the child was evaluated. My friend followed the application of the plan and sensory diet given. Few months later, a call from the father reporting the huge changes starting from sleeping full night, eating different types of food, wearing warm clothes in winter, and sitting still during the mealtime, and I quote from the father's words :" we are family for the first time since Ali's birth, he is my shopping and long driving pal "

Aisha Mahmoud

Mustafa Al Qaisi


Danah Al-Khatrash

In my 9 years of experience as a Speech Therapist, I have closely worked with children and they were always drawn to me, both in course practicums and in the family, so I made a choice to focus my work on peadiatric speech and language disorders. My interests are early intervention (including stuttering in preschoolers), language delays and disorders, articulation and phonological disorders. 

One of the challenging clients I have had was a young boy with delayed language development. He would show up to school carried by his father, crying, and didn’t want to join any activity. I started by just sitting next to him and showing him that I am not expecting anything from him. His tantrums started to happen less frequently. He slowly started accepting others to join us and was using phrases to communicate. By the end of the year he joined every single activity in the classroom and was using sentences to express his wants and needs. 


Ahmed Fawzy

As a 13 years experienced Speech and Language therapist, I am interested in all expertise except those of voice therapy and dysphasia, unless all the instruments needed for assessment and rehabilitation are provided.


My passion for the role is due to the fact that it combines professional service and charity at the same time. I am happy about Live Line as I find Live Line to be an optimum and efficient way of using technology to help people who need this help and can not get it in the right and/or fast way.


 Adapting technology nowadays is as important as so many basic needs to be met. Technology now is at the core of our lives and we can see it everywhere. The live line could be a very optimum and efficient way of using technology to help people who need this help and can not get it in the right and/or fast way. 

Noura Sabha

My experience in the field of speech and hearing therapy services exceeds ten years in each of the following cases (language delay, language problems for children and adults who suffer from language delay problems. My experience also extends to include the speech therapy for those who have problems in pronunciation for both adults and children, the verbal and hearing rehabilitation for children who suffer from hearing problems and cochlear implant, language rehabilitation for children with cleft lips, language rehabilitation for children suffer from autism, stuttering problems for both children and adults. I have studied this specialty because of my great desire to improve communication. I consider this as a humanitarian work that helps improve communication for children and adults. I am very interested in the treatment of language delay of children as the early intervention in the treatment is very important to improve communication. My interests extend to include stuttering treatment, the verbal hearing rehabilitation for the children who suffer from hearing problems and cochlear implant.


Kavitha C K

I am pioneering in this field for the past 11 years as a Speech Language Pathologist having great pleasure and satisfaction in my work. Apart from my master’s degree, I am also a member of Hanen certification, Canada. My knowledge urge made me to get international certifications in Handwriting without tears, USA; Jolly phonics, UK; Oral placement therapy, USA and Brain Gym for little ones, France. I love to handle kids with a learning disability.


I also have expertise in handling clients with misarticulation, dysfluencies, and childhood language disorders especially ASD and ADHD. Therapy using alternative and Augmentative communication for kids with non-verbal communication is always interesting. Especially using high tech devices like AVAZ and other Android apps make therapy session more interesting


Sree Devi

I am a certified speech and language pathologist with extensive work in the clinical environment and have immense experience in handling children with communication difficulties for over 13 years with a Masters degree in speech-language pathology. Skilled in conducting speech, language and communication screenings, assessments, designing and executing appropriate individualized plans for children with autism, ADHD, LD, fluency disorders, articulation, and phonological disorders and various other developmental disorders. As I am passionate about honing my skills I am certified in specialized programs like The Hanen programs( MTW and ITTT), HWT, OPT, Search and Teach etc.


My areas of expertise are handling communication difficulties in children with autism, ADHD and also planning and designing AAC. I also use meditational strategies from the Instrumental Enrichment program to develop language and thinking skills which are effective for children with LD, I follow structured programs such as Jolly Phonics, HWT and writing strategies from Kansas University to improve reading and writing skills in children with LD.


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