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What is Live Line about?

Live Line makes therapy available online. It is a convenient way for your child to meet face-to-face with certified therapists and receive therapy through video conferencing.

How effective is online therapy?

Online speech therapy has been in use for nearly 20 years in the United states and has been recognized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) since 2005.

How long is a typical speech therapy session?

Normally, a therapy session with Live Line lasts between 30-40 minutes.

Is Live Line suitable for all ages?

Yes it is, however it is best suitable for age groups from 3.5 years - 11 years.

Do I choose the therapist myself?

No. A key part of providing you with effective therapy is our matching process.During your initial consultation, you will be asked a few simple questions which will help us gather some information about you.Using this information we will assign you a suitable therapist.

I'm not sure if my child is performing tasks like other children of his/her age?

Yes, you can consult our therapists if your child is not hitting certain milestones.

Is there a complimentary session?

Yes, you can experience Live Line therapy by taking a complimentary session.

What are the benefits of Live Line therapy?

Some of the benefits of online therapy include easier access to a therapist and the convenience of being anywhere. A complete list of benefits that Live Line provides is available on our website.

I waited for 15 minutes and the therapist did not show up? How can I address it?

You would need to contact us at and we will ensure your session is rescheduled.

How many sessions are there in one program?

It depends on your child's needs as evaulated by the therapist.

Before the session begins when can I reschedule it?

You need to reschedule the session prior to 24 hours .

I was marked as 'Absent' even though I attended the session?

Our quality team will validate the status of the session and it will be updated accordingly.


What is Live Line?

Live Line makes therapy available online. It is a convenient way for our clients to meet face-to-face with certified therapists and receive therapy through video conferencing.

How do our clients receive online therapy?

Online therapy can take place in any space where distractions are limited and the client is able to remain focused throughout the session. For reasons of privacy, we ask our clients to be seated in a confidential area. For our younger clients, we recommend an aid or parent to be present throughout the session to provide support wherever necessary.

How does online therapy compare to in-person therapy?

Studies provided by ASHA and AOTA suggest that online therapy is equally effective in comparison to in-person therapy. Sessions are scheduled to last the correct length of time where the environment is familiar and comfortable for our clients, allowing them to concentrate better.

What hours can I work?

Work hours are flexible and are dependent on the caseload (or number of clients assigned to each therapist). Our therapists generally schedule appointments between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day of the week.

What equipments do I need?

All you need to have is a desktop computer or a laptop with a camera and an Internet connection. Therapists are also required to have access to online materials that they can share with their clients as per their needs. We recommend a headset or a set of earphones for audible communication. Live Line will provide you with the software that is required to facilitate live video conferencing.

Can I still have another job while working with Live Line?

You are free to have another job as an independent service provider. Many of our therapists work part-time serving private clients while working with Live Line.

What resources are used by therapists in online therapy with Live Line?

Live Line supports resources that include flashcards, games, stories, videos, audio recordings and an interactive whiteboard. The platform has the latest web-based video conferencing technology, ensuring reliable high quality video and audio.

Are therapy sessions recorded to ensure quality control?

Yes, all therapy sessions are monitored for quality control purposes and our team at Live Line regularly seeks to make improvements to its quality of service.

Is it possible for more than one client to participate in a single session?

Yes, a maximum of 10 clients can attend a single session from different locations.

How are therapists selected at Live Line?

We contract with an extensive and growing network of certified speech and occupational therapists. At Live Line, therapists go through a rigorous screening process and detailed reviews of therapist qualifications and work experiences.

Where can I show my availability on Live Line?

You will need to show your schedule on the Live Line calendar and thus visitors would be able to view your availability.

Will I get paid on a monthly basis?

Yes, and it will be a bank transfer or western union quick collect.

How and when can I reschedule my appointment?

Appointment needs to be rescheduled prior to 24 hours.
Step 1: The appointment has to be canceled.
Step 2: It has to be rescheduled after discussing with the client.

If I have commited myself to a client for a package, is it necessary for me to be committed to the entire package?

Yes, as the client would expect the same therapist to conduct the therapy.

What type of content can I use while conducting therapy?

Therapists can use their own content like flashcards, games, stories, videos, audio recordings and an interactive whiteboad for conducting therapy.Live Line supports all content.


How does Live Line online services work?

Online therapy is very similar to traditional in-person sessions—except that instead of sitting in the same room, students and clinicians interact via live video conferencing. Live Line professionals work face-to-face with students in real time, using established best practices and assisted by our best-in-class online tools. Live Line recruits only the best and ensures they are fully credentialed in your state. Our clinicians handle scheduling and are available whenever needed. The school district provides an onsite primary support person who facilitates logistics and other needs during therapy sessions

What technology is required?

All that is required is a computer with an Internet connection, an up-to-date browser, a webcam, and an audio headset; Live Line provides webcams and headsets at no extra charge. Our easy-to-use platform is entirely browser-based and there is no software to install or maintain. Setup is minimal and is guided by our exceptional implementation team.

How are children and their families benefitted?

1.Better outcomes: In a recent study, students working with Live Line showed statistically significant gains in speech production. Compared with national norms, Live Line students make better progress, and many complete their IEP (Individual Education Program) goals more quickly.
2.Kids love it: Today’s kids have grown up with technology and in many cases prefer the online environment. They are comfortable with computers and love our fun, game-based activities. They often find the experience less intimidating than in-person interactions.
3.Parents are happier when their kids are happier: All parties are consistently very satisfied with the improved outcomes
4.Better communication and reporting: Live Line’s online tools enable parents to log in and observe online sessions, and therapists actively communicate with districts and parents via email and telephone, as well as via video-conferencing in the platform itself.

How does Live Line ensure consistent service?

Every child is assigned to an individual clinician who is responsible for that child’s ongoing development. This continuity promotes a trusting and consistent relationship among the child, parents, general education teachers, and the therapist. In the event that a child needs a new therapist for any reason, Live Line facilitates a rapid transition with minimal disruption to the child.

Are sessions monitored for auditing and quality control purposes?

Yes. All sessions are automatically sampled by the Live Line software.

Is live online therapy appropriate for all situations?

Online services are appropriate and beneficial in the majority of situations. In rare cases, children may be better served via traditional in-person therapy—for example, children with significant behavioral or cognitive issues, that prevent them from using a computer.

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